Ararat Armenian School was established in Ottawa in 1977 under the auspices of the Armenian Cultural Association of Ottawa. Children aged 4-16 are welcomed, with classes organized according to linguistic proficiency. The School’s objective is to develop a child-centered system of language instruction and learning that promotes a student’s ability to communicate in the Armenian language (written and spoken), in tandem with cultural elements including traditional Armenian song and dance. The School offers a challenging curriculum tailored to the linguistic skills of the student, to encourage each student to expand their skills and confidence communicating in Armenian.

While the primary language of instruction is Western Armenian (արեւմտահայերէն), children and their families who speak either Western or Eastern Armenian are welcomed to the Ararat Armenian School community. The School meets on Sunday mornings, and is currently conducting its classes online as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Registration for the Ararat Armenian School is organized through Education Permanente, with enrollment normally taking place in late August prior to the beginning of the school year in September; outside of that timeframe, please contact Ararat Armenian School directly with inquiries. More information can be found on the Ararat Armenian School Facebook page, or by contacting the School directly at

Previous events include:

  • Joëlle LIVE @ Ararat Armenian School
  • Halloween costume parties
  • Santa Claus visits

NOTE: Access to the school is restricted to students and teachers only. All parents wishing to visit the school must sign-in and sign-out using the visitors’ book. Please use the parking lot behind the school.



Tamar Palandjian (Teacher)

Talin Hagopian-Waugh (Assistant)
Nyiri DuCharme (Assistant)
Hripsime Mektaryan (Assistant)
Ani Malek (Assistant)